Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mommy Moments

This new year it was my goal to get rid the final "baby" stuff. I am finding this extremely hard and emotional. I have learned that I have to be ready before they can be ready. They are always ready, but I'm not. Holding on to the last little bit of when they were babies is making me so sad. So the last couple of things we have are the changing table (which we use for their clothes because it makes a great dresser), and sippy cups. Why my mom asked are we getting rid of sippy cups. Well, I am tired of finding them 2-3 months later under beds and furniture with crazy stuff growing in them because they just throw them wherever when they are done drinking them, and they need to learn to stay in the kitchen to drink . Not really the only reason why, really they 4 years old and can drink out of regular cups, but they use the sippy cups as their "comfort". It has been very emotional to get rid of the changing table the most - not really sure why, just a mommy moment. As far as sippy cups - I cant wait! I am so tired of taking them apart to wash and putting them back together - such a pain! Since we got rid of them January 1st, it has been a little messy as they are learning they have to stay in the kitchen to drink and not go all over the house since they don't have lids anymore. Frustrating, but they are learning.

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