Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Independent

Today Mr. Independent, Reid, decided he was going to walk down to Nana and Grandpa's (Ryan's parents) house all by himself. He proceeded to walk ON THE ROAD to their house pushing his little pink baby stroller. I could not believe it! For those who don't know where we live, we do live in the country but on a very heavy traffic road! He has never done anything like that before, but I am sure this is one of many times I will say that about all three of the boys!

What happened...
I had stepped inside to get some shoes on and Wyatt and Lane were playing in my sight. Reid never wonders off or goes far away, but this morning Grandpa was working on the tractor and he decided he wanted to go see Grandpa. So I got my shoes and went out to get Lane and Wyatt because they were headed for the road. I still had no idea that Reid was on his way to Grandpa's house, so I got the other two and noticed that Ryan's aunt Elvera was driving towards my driveway and turned in and I could see this little blond head sticking up in the front seat! She happened to be on her way home from Church and saw him trying to cross the cattle guard at Grandpas and so she brought him back home. I could not believe that he had taken off that fast (2-3 minutes literally) and made it that far. I never even saw him. It was even more unusual because Lane and Wyatt didn't follow him and they are the two who usually do things like that. I felt horrible, but I guess they are really starting to pull things over on me and I need to have a few more eyes put in my head! Ryan's dad saw Elvera turn in my driveway so he hopped off the tractor and came running over in a panic! He was worried something had happened, so I told him what happened and he was worried. I assured him that Ryan was going to put up the fence that I have been begging for for about 3 months now! I then called Ryan and told him what happened and told him that he had no choice and there would be no discussion, he was putting up that fence this week! I guess that will work for a while until they learn to climb it!!! Ultimately, Reid was fine and not hurt at all, thank goodness!!!!! Ahhh - the joys of parenting boys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Update on Wyatt -
He is still doing good and back to himself again. I really missed his cute little personality for those few days. We still have not heard from the Hospital which is good because no news is good news. The Dr. from Trinity did call to check on him the other night which I thought was amazing and really nice, but all together we are still o.k..

Poor little Lane was stung by a scorpion last night though! He cried so hard, and I know how bad they hurt, they made me cry also when I got stung. He is OK - not allergic!

With three boys I didn't expect so much DRAMA in my house, maybe we get the drama now and the girls get it later! HA HA! Thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Texas Children's Hospital

Well, most of you already know, but this weekend Wyatt was in the hospital. He started running a high fever on Thursday (102.6) and Friday it went up to 103.8. So we took him to the Brenham ER. I have always said I would never take my child there but we really thought is was only an earache. The Brenham Clinic's lunch hour was way to important to see him so we ended up at the ER Friday evening. The Dr. there was really great. He actually thought the fever that he was having was somehow related to the rash he had right before Christmas. He called it Kawasaki's disease (KD). So he sent us to Texas Children's in Houston to have some tests run because KD can cause cardiac aneurysms. So off to Houston we went Friday night. We stayed in the ER until 4am an then they got us a room on the Cancer floor. They did a battery of blood tests and hooked him up to an IV because he was dehydrated and he really had a rough time with it all. Most of the results still aren't back yet, but some of the early ones showed his white blood count to be high and a few other things were wacky. So the Dr.'s at TCH agreed that it could be KD and wanted us to talk to Infectious Disease group on Saturday morning. Ultimately we all agreed it was just an earache because he had not run fever for 5 days yet. They thought that most of the signs he had were possibly KD, but the fever is the biggest one and he didn't have that yet. KD is extremely hard to diagnose and very rare. So we came home last night and he has been acting fine. We are treating the earache and waiting on the blood cultures and other tests to come back. It takes 48-72 hours to come back, but I think everything will be fine, at least we hope so. It is rather odd though that his fever got so high and his white blood count was high also with just an earache, so we will see. Thank you for all of the prayers that everyone has said. We will try to keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Nanny

We finally got our wonderful nanny, Shannon, back. She has been a godsend to us. She started with us when the boys were just 8 months old and has been with us since. She was around when little Lane was on I.V. pumps and feeding pumps, so she has been through it all with us. We gave her a little break this summer because we put the boys in day care, but that has since gone by the waste side. We took the boys out of day care b/c they were getting sick way too much, so we got Shannon back and things have been much easier on me. She is not only wonderful with the boys, but she does laundry and dishes! All-a-Lu-ya! I was finding myself much more stressed because I was having to work, take care of boys, and clean all the time. I think my life is trying to get back to normal (as normal as it can be with multiples), when I come home they are fed, bathed and the laundry is done...yes it is nice, but I still have chores to do. It does allow me to spend more quality time with the boys, which is nice and fun! I don't really know what I would do without her. She's AMAZING!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve

The boys had their first fireworks experience. We bought a few colorful and not too scary things for them to see, but Reid was the only one who really enjoyed them. Wyatt and Lane stayed inside and watched out the window. Neither one of them like loud noises so I think it frightened them, but Reid laughed and loved it all.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It has been a crazy couple of weeks through all the holidays and family, but I finally got a chance to post some photos. The boys had a great Christmas. They got lots of toys, expensive toys, and all they wanted to play with were the baby dirt devil vaccuum and the baby stroller. Who knows??? They got a battery powered Gator, Golf Cart, and a 4 wheeler, but the one thing they fought over the most was the dirt devil baby vaccuum that santa brought them.