Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last week was the Washington County Fair and we took the boys for the first time. It is hard to imagine that three years ago that week (sept. 19, 2007) Lane's water broke and I was in the hospital for a long ride! We all have come so far since then and are still on the crazy ride of triplets chaos. Anyway, the fair was great for them. They are the perfect age to enjoy the tractors, which they are in love with, and all of the animals, but I know in about 13 years or so it will be all about the beer and girls. Can't wait!!!


Hello everyone - so sorry it has been a while since I have updated this, but we have been super busy! The boys started school in August and we have been going non stop since then. They started at Grace Lutheran Day school last month and are doing great. They are in the Pre-K2 class with Mrs. Beckendorf. They are loving school and their new friends. They cried for the first week but now they go running in happy as can be usually!
Our classroom

They love their backpacks! They are so cute!