Saturday, August 7, 2010

Angel faces

My mom is a picture taking-aholic! She kept the boys the other day and she really got some cute shots of my little Angel faces!


Thursday we took the boys to Schlitterbahn and they had a blast! They really have a lot of fun things for children now. All three of the boys love swimming and are big water bugs! I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about going...take nothing but the kids. They have no ramps only stairs and lots of them. We were so exhausted carrying strollers and wagons and coolers up and down stairs! Here are a few picts from our adventure.
wyatt sliding

reid...not too sure about this!

reid coming out of the slide...and Lane behind him

Lane and Reid trying to catch the water shooting up from the ground.

Lane accidentally ended up going down the big slide backwards...he was trying to get off and ended up sliding backwards. It was hilarious and he laughed when he hit the water!

Wyatt and shannon sliding down the big slide.

Group picture...Jennifer, Cheri, Reid, Wyatt, Sandy, and Lane.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Fun & Potty Training

This summer has been fun and hot! We have done a lot of new things and we are working on potty training too. This past week Shannon (the nanny) took the boys to the skating rink for the first time and they skated. They did great she said. They held on to the wall and skated around the rink. Also last Friday the City of Brenham opened the Carousel at the park and offered free rides, so we took the boys and they had a blast! Below are a few pictures of the different things we have done so far. I think this week we are going to Schlitterbahn and possibly to Rusk to ride the Train!
Lane being shy in his underoos. He is really doing well with the potty training thing. I pretty much put him in his underwear all day and he tells me when he had to potty! Hopefully he will get the real hang of it soon!

Wyatt sporting his Thomas the Train underoos. We are working on it slowly but surely!

This is a picture of the boys at the skating rink with their little skates on!

Wyatt on the Carousel!

Reid on the Carousel.

Lane & Shannon on the Carousel.