Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Swingset & Spring Time Adventures

We recently bought the boys a swing set and play area. They love to swing and will do it all day and night if we let them. They sing and sometimes we catch them dozing off. It's is hilarious because they get so relaxed and forget to hold themselves up. I will try to capture it in a picture. Here they are enjoying their lunch at the picnic table that is attached to one part of the play set. Easy clean up for mommy...throw it to the dogs that are circling like sharks.

We also attended a birthday party this past weekend at the bowling alley and the boys loved it. We could not get Reid away from it. He would roll the ball down the alley and then run back to the return and wait for the ball to come back out, then do it all over again. Poor Ryan didn't get to bowl hardly at all...Reid was being a ball hog. Lane and Wyatt enjoyed it too, but soon lost interest when they saw the other games and the snacks.

And of course our weekend adventures at Grammy & Poppies house. Reid is the only one who will ride the four wheeler with Poppie and Zaylie. I think there is a trend here...Reid is going to be our dare devil.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Each year it gets a little bit easier to get some pictures of the boys in the bluebonnets. This year was definitely easier than last year, but still not quite perfect yet. The area where we live is so pretty with the bluebonnets and wild flowers. It really always has been - thank goodness we are off the beaten path (390) so most people don't know about it. Here is some of the good ones we got.

G.G. & Paw Paw enjoy the boys so much. They had an Easter egg hunt for them after pictures in the bluebonnets.

They love riding their Gator. They are usually fighting over who drives. They can all make it go, but no one can steer yet. Who knew!