Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Independent

Today Mr. Independent, Reid, decided he was going to walk down to Nana and Grandpa's (Ryan's parents) house all by himself. He proceeded to walk ON THE ROAD to their house pushing his little pink baby stroller. I could not believe it! For those who don't know where we live, we do live in the country but on a very heavy traffic road! He has never done anything like that before, but I am sure this is one of many times I will say that about all three of the boys!

What happened...
I had stepped inside to get some shoes on and Wyatt and Lane were playing in my sight. Reid never wonders off or goes far away, but this morning Grandpa was working on the tractor and he decided he wanted to go see Grandpa. So I got my shoes and went out to get Lane and Wyatt because they were headed for the road. I still had no idea that Reid was on his way to Grandpa's house, so I got the other two and noticed that Ryan's aunt Elvera was driving towards my driveway and turned in and I could see this little blond head sticking up in the front seat! She happened to be on her way home from Church and saw him trying to cross the cattle guard at Grandpas and so she brought him back home. I could not believe that he had taken off that fast (2-3 minutes literally) and made it that far. I never even saw him. It was even more unusual because Lane and Wyatt didn't follow him and they are the two who usually do things like that. I felt horrible, but I guess they are really starting to pull things over on me and I need to have a few more eyes put in my head! Ryan's dad saw Elvera turn in my driveway so he hopped off the tractor and came running over in a panic! He was worried something had happened, so I told him what happened and he was worried. I assured him that Ryan was going to put up the fence that I have been begging for for about 3 months now! I then called Ryan and told him what happened and told him that he had no choice and there would be no discussion, he was putting up that fence this week! I guess that will work for a while until they learn to climb it!!! Ultimately, Reid was fine and not hurt at all, thank goodness!!!!! Ahhh - the joys of parenting boys!

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