Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Nanny

We finally got our wonderful nanny, Shannon, back. She has been a godsend to us. She started with us when the boys were just 8 months old and has been with us since. She was around when little Lane was on I.V. pumps and feeding pumps, so she has been through it all with us. We gave her a little break this summer because we put the boys in day care, but that has since gone by the waste side. We took the boys out of day care b/c they were getting sick way too much, so we got Shannon back and things have been much easier on me. She is not only wonderful with the boys, but she does laundry and dishes! All-a-Lu-ya! I was finding myself much more stressed because I was having to work, take care of boys, and clean all the time. I think my life is trying to get back to normal (as normal as it can be with multiples), when I come home they are fed, bathed and the laundry is done...yes it is nice, but I still have chores to do. It does allow me to spend more quality time with the boys, which is nice and fun! I don't really know what I would do without her. She's AMAZING!

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