Sunday, January 17, 2010

Texas Children's Hospital

Well, most of you already know, but this weekend Wyatt was in the hospital. He started running a high fever on Thursday (102.6) and Friday it went up to 103.8. So we took him to the Brenham ER. I have always said I would never take my child there but we really thought is was only an earache. The Brenham Clinic's lunch hour was way to important to see him so we ended up at the ER Friday evening. The Dr. there was really great. He actually thought the fever that he was having was somehow related to the rash he had right before Christmas. He called it Kawasaki's disease (KD). So he sent us to Texas Children's in Houston to have some tests run because KD can cause cardiac aneurysms. So off to Houston we went Friday night. We stayed in the ER until 4am an then they got us a room on the Cancer floor. They did a battery of blood tests and hooked him up to an IV because he was dehydrated and he really had a rough time with it all. Most of the results still aren't back yet, but some of the early ones showed his white blood count to be high and a few other things were wacky. So the Dr.'s at TCH agreed that it could be KD and wanted us to talk to Infectious Disease group on Saturday morning. Ultimately we all agreed it was just an earache because he had not run fever for 5 days yet. They thought that most of the signs he had were possibly KD, but the fever is the biggest one and he didn't have that yet. KD is extremely hard to diagnose and very rare. So we came home last night and he has been acting fine. We are treating the earache and waiting on the blood cultures and other tests to come back. It takes 48-72 hours to come back, but I think everything will be fine, at least we hope so. It is rather odd though that his fever got so high and his white blood count was high also with just an earache, so we will see. Thank you for all of the prayers that everyone has said. We will try to keep you updated.


  1. I hope all of the blood test comes back ok, is the KD serious or is it treatable?

  2. Hey girl- It is serious because it can cause cardiac problems and heart attacks if not treated within a certain amount of time, but it is so rare we just dont know. It is treatable with IVIG, but we are still waiting to see what happens.

  3. Thank you for the detail! You know all of you are in my thougths and prayers! I enjoyed catching up with you all through this!
    hugs to you all,