Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Vacations & Fun Times

Well summer has ended - atleast according to the school calendar, not mother nature - and we had a bunch of fun this year. Now that the boys are older, it is a lot easier to go places and have fun. Still crazy but fun!This year we went to Galveston and had some fun. And pardon the sideways photos - I need to learn how to turn them right. Sorry.

Boys at the Rainforest Cafe

They were scared of the Dinosaurs at Moody Gardens

The Galveston RR Museum
The Zoltar on the Strand in Galveston

Firemans Fiesta Fire Truck!

The always fun trip to Sears - they are just like their grandpa!

But now that they are older we are now hearing things that bring back memories from when we were kids. The new phrase in the house is "your not my friend". Lane loves to say this to Wyatt and to daddy when they dont give him his way. It really is hilarous. And they are constantly playing together and arguing together and love to complain that the other "is going to drink it all" when they are sharing a drink. It is never a dull moment, but otherwise fun and full of memories.

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