Sunday, August 28, 2011

Personality Profiles

The boys are changing so much and are becoming little men, so I decided to list what they are doing now to see how much they change and just how fast they change.

Lane - 46 months
Always in a good mood
Gets embarrassed easily when he gets in trouble
Tries to get mad but not very good at it
Potty trained!!!
Loves school
Favorite sayings: "you're not my friend anymore" & "I need some paper toilet"
Always playing with Wyatt
Wakes up every morning first (6:30 am)
Lightest one
Favorite foods: strawberry milk, chicken, ketchup, blueberry muffins
Talks perfectly
Into tractors & trucks
Pretty good at throwing a ball and hitting a golf ball
Knows all of his colors, ABC's, and can count to 30
Eats a lot & most anything

Reid - 46 months old
Loves to be tickled
Loves Barney & Mickey Mouse
Loves to go to school to see Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Maza
Favorite sayings: "Reid's turn" & "cool"
Can be extremely moody and stubborn when he doesn't get his way
Loves to snuggle
Loves to wrestle with daddy and brothers
Likes Ketchup
Favorite food: strawberry milk, chicken, watermelon, chips & queso, bologna
Talking much more (still a little hard to understand)
Loves tractors
Knows all of his colors, ABC's, and can count to 20
Eats A LOT!

Wyatt - 46 months
Loves school
Very lovable and cuddly
Talks perfectly except a slight studder sometimes
Biggest one of the three
Dominate one of the three
Potty Trained perfectly
Loves to watch movies - "Despicable Me", "Alvin & the Chipmunks", "Cars"
Loves Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Train, Fireman Sam
Into trains and tractors
Very smart
Knows all of his colors, shapes, ABC's, and can count to 30
Picky eater
Doesn't like ketchup or any dips
Favorite saying: "Why"
Night person like his daddy & extremely hard to get up in the morning!

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