Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ready for St. Patrick's Day

My mother make our life so interesting. She has decided to dress the boys for St. Patrick's day. They really enjoy staying with her...there is never a dull moment. My nanny is in Hawaii this week and so my mom and Ryan's mom have been keeping them for us. I sure wish I was in Hawaii...but she needs a break too. She is such an awesome nanny and so good with the boys.

Not too much else going on with us. The boys are really starting to talk a lot more. The repeat everything, especially Lane and Wyatt. Reid is now talking a lot more and they are all really good with their sign language. The are signing please and thank you along with the others they originally were taught. That is definitely the way to go these days. It makes Reid's life easier b/c he is having a hard time communicating with us. But they are almost 2 1/2 now and acting it. My house will never be the same. Enjoy these cute pictures of them dressed and ready for St. Patrick's day!

Reid Lane Wyatt (sorry it's sideways)

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