Thursday, March 11, 2010

More beach pictures & our new cousin

Well, we had a blast at the beach this past weekend. The boys really enjoyed it and Ryan and I enjoyed watching them enjoy it! I really never thought I would get all the sand off of them though. That really is the only downfall of the beach...sand everywhere! Sunday morning we rented a bike for two. This bike had a basket in the front where we put the boys. It was the cutest thing you have ever seen. We had so many people stop us to take pictures, it was amazing how things like that brighten peoples days. We had so many comments on how seeing that just made their day. We are very thankful for our three amazing blessings even though we were very sore the next day. That was a lot of pedaling for us with 95 lbs of kids added to it. We were beat but really enjoyed it.

After that we headed back home, but had to make a stop by Ryan's brothers house in Humble. They just had a baby girl, Alexis Grace, two weeks ago. We had to stop by to see her for the first time and the boys just loved her. Reid spent the whole time just reaching for her to hold her and hug her. He really loves babies...he just wanted to hold and kiss her. We found that he did that with my sisters little girl, Ireland, also. He is so sweet and lovable. Here are some pictures of the triplets and baby Alexis.

Some updates on what the boys are doing now...
They are almost 2 1/2...OMG! They are really talking good and you can actually carry on a conversation with them and expect an answer back. It is amazing how far they have come. Lane and Wyatt are really good talkers and you can understand most everything they say. They love to repeat so we are having to edit our adult language often. Reid is doing better, he is talking more but still a little hard to understand. He is working on it thought! Lane's new phrase is "I love you". It is so cute when he says it. He and Wyatt both say it, but Lane says it all the time. Reid is still obsessed with Barney on the Farm. He watches it literally 3-5 times a day. He loves Barney and knows all the animal sounds from it. Now that it has been really nice for the past few days, we have been outside most all day. They love playing outside and it is like pulling teeth to get them in at night. They ride their motor toys they got for Christmas and collect rocks. They are usually filthy gross when they come in at night. The only way to get them in now is to promise them some Strawberry Milk...they are in love with Strawberry Milk, and to hear them actually say it is hilarious! Other than that, they are crazy kiddos who keep us insane!

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