Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reid The Housekeeper

For some reason my son, Reid, loves the broom and dustpan. Really he loves the laundry, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, but most of all the broom and dustpan. This weekend we bought him his own personal broom and dustpan. I am just hoping that as soon as he is old enough to really do some good with it, he will still love it! I know I am pushing my luck, but could I really get lucky enough to have my own personal house keeper and not have to pay one. He really is cute with it!

And for some reason Lane loves to play in the Tupperware drawer. They take everything out and and climb right in...too funny.

Today the boys went with Nana & Grandpa (Sandy & Randy) to the outlet mall in Houston to get new shoes! I cant believe how big my boys feet are! Reid 8 1/2 wide, Wyatt 8 1/2 wide, and Little Lane wears a 7 regular. They are going to be some big boys when they grow up, I have a hard time affording to feed them now so I can only imagine when they are 15 or 16 what my grocery bill will be. Daddy better get to work now! But they overall had a great day, I think Wyatt is coming down with something because he has had a bad cough and really whinny all day - he went to be early tonight. Lets just hope the other two don't get it! Oh how we love winter in Texas - flip flop, flip flop!

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