Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our first Blog!

Hi everyone! I have started a new blog for the boys since they are growing up so fast I am finding it hard to remember a lot of things, so I want to document it as much as I can. Keep track for up to date info on the Boys and our CRAZY life!

Friday the boys got to enjoy their first snow day. It snowed last year also, but they were way to young to know or understand what was going on. This year we bundled them up and sent them out! They waddled around trying to catch the flakes on their tongue and had a blast sliding on their slippery play slide as the snow as coming down. They are really starting to talk a lot and are saying sentences which is so amazing to me! You cant understand a lot of it, but most of it you can from Wyatt and Lane. Reid is still a little behind on his speech, but they all do their sign language really well. Today they are at Nana and Grandpas for the afternoon and Ryan and I have an afternoon to our selves. Keep checking back for updated frequently, as they are always doing something funny and new!

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