Friday, December 31, 2010

Updates...& Happy Holiday's

Well it has been a while since my last post...we had a good Thanksgiving and a great Christmas! The boys have been playing with their new train table that Santa Claus brought them pretty much every waking moment since they got it...of course with lots of fighting involved. I don't understand why no one warned me about the amount of fighting involved with multiples. It is crazy! I told my mom we needed Santa Claus to bring two train tables, but we decided that they need to learn to it is up to me to see how much fighting I can take before I buy another one!

We got to take pictures with Santa this year and they did really good. I had to sit in on the pictures though to get them to stay there.

We also got to go to the Christmas stroll this year with the boys...They loved the parade and started to watch the Polar express movie they were playing.

We will see how tonight goes with the fireworks...last year they were pretty scared of the noise, this year I don't think that will be our problem! Happy New Year to everyone!

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